Lake Erie Needs You!

There are concerning Environmental and Economic issues surrounding the project to build wind turbines on Lake Erie (Project Icebreaker).

Act Today!

Oppose the exploitation of our greatest natural resource


  • The impact on the human environment is uncertain
  • The impact to Lake Erie and it’s fragile ecosystem are uncertain
  • Wind Turbines threaten bird species and harm other wildlife
  • Wind turbines are known polluters (leaking oil, grease, and industrial lubricants)
  • Cable lines extending to the mainland show signs of adversely effecting fish populations


  • No clear financial savings to local governments and electric utility customers
  • Significant increase in maintenance costs compared to onshore wind turbines
  • Misleading job creation claim
  • Negative impact on Lake Erie tourism
  • It is not clear who is responsible when wind turbines need to be decommissioned. State and local governments should not be left with the bill


  • A pilot project of six turbines could lead to nearly 1,500 wind turbines on Lake Erie
  • Other states have not allowed wind turbines in their natural wonders (Yellowstone National Park, Arizona; Grand Canyon, Arizona). Why should we spoil our Great Lake?
  • Fred Olsen Renewables of Oslo, Norway ultimately owns the project giving a foreign-entity the rights to land under Lake Erie
Act Now

Demand an Environmental Impact Statement

Project Icebreaker is the first freshwater offshore wind turbine project in the world. This project will set a precedent for how the Great Lakes and other freshwater sources can be utilized for wind power worldwide.

A project of this magnitude and with such far-reaching impact requires every necessary measure is taken to ensure the project’s feasibility, the safety of our environment, and the well being of our wildlife and natural resources.

Help us save Lake Erie and the Great Lakes!

The BAO is dedicated to protecting our greatest natural resource (Lake Erie) and ensuring that it is properly managed so that our communities can benefit from it now and for generations to come.

The BAO supports alternative and clean energy but wants to ensure that these alternate energy sources are implemented responsibly and provide the communities they serve with both financial and environmental benefits.