Current Issues

Whether the General Assembly is in full session or is just holding committee hearings, the BAO team is active every day in the Statehouse testifying on behalf of boating before committees, analyzing every new bill introduced, visiting individual lawmakers, and meeting with agencies and departments of the Administration.

Issues BAO Is Currently Advancing:

  • Actively opposing Icebreaker Wind project based on economic, environmental, and aesthetic preservation
  • Working with the Ohio Department of Public Safety on a new trailer weight slip to ensure boat dealers can continue to sign those for their customers and any members of the public needing assistance.
  • Abandoned Boat Law – House Bill 211 – to improve a dealer or marina operators ability to deal with boats abandoned on their property. Successfully passed in the House of Representatives. Now meeting with members of the Senate Committee considering the bill. Currently preparing testimony in support of the legislation
  • House Bill 419 – Successfully worked to introduce stand-alone legislation to change application of the Ohio Use Tax, so customers don’t get an unexpected bill for a tax on the value of their boat. Currently preparing testimony for hearings
  • Monitoring and presenting strong opposition to any approval by the Ohio Power Siting Board of the industrialization of Lake Erie by permitting the construction of wind turbines in Lake Erie off Cleveland, and monitoring any related actions by the Public Utilities Commission and the legislature
  • Represents all recreational boating interests at all Ohio Department of Natural Resources marine conferences
  • Monitoring and advocating for issues in the state budget bill, particularly as may impact the H2Ohio plans and developments and the critical issue of summer algae blooms on Ohio’s waterways